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The Big questions in life   General Confusion

Started 8/17/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 70092 views.

From: ElDotardo


If you are wondering how Dr. Ford could be wrong about - when she is “100% certain” he assaulted her - here are more than 250 examples of men who wrongly went to prison because a victim was “100% certain” of their attackers.


Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


The evidence does not exist.

It's all he said/she said.

Does the burden of proof apply to the accusers?

Are they assumed to be telling the truth until proven to be lying?


From: ElDotardo


It is not possible for Judge Kavanaugh to prove a negative.

Yes, it is he said/she said, however everyone of those Dr. Ford named as witnesses to her travail have refuted her. Every one.

Yes, in a system founded upon the principle, innocent until proven guilty, the accuser is tasked with proving their allegations.

The accuser is assumed to be telling the truth when the preponderance of evidence backs up their charges.

The Kavanaugh, Ford, Graham, and Flake show 

Brett Kavanaugh Avenatti SwetnickSomehow it always happens that, when the news is hot, I’m either out of town or, as is the case for the past two days, hit with mountains of actual paying legal work. I would love to comment in detail about yesterday’s and today’s events, but I simply can’t, because I’m on deadline.

Therefore, all of you need to do the commenting instead.

I’ll just say quickly:

Kavanaugh: I watched his opening statement and kept tearing up every time he teared up. I’m a sympathy crier, but I think my tears were real and were for the lives the Democrats’ scorched earth tactics are destroying.

I found him absolutely compelling. If you watch, his whole body is trembling with emotion. That’s not a sociopath. That’s an innocent man unjustly accused. And if you haven’t watched it, I recommend you do. I usually confine myself to reading things, which is a much faster way for me to get information, but in this case, Kavanaugh’s voice and affect are part of what needs to be seen:

Also, when Kavanaugh talked about weekly attendance at church, something occurred to me: I don’t know about Ford’s faith, but I do know that a man as devout as Kavanaugh believes that he has a soul. With that belief, he also believes that lying or committing unjust violent acts, such as rape or sexual assault, puts his immortal soul in peril.

Kavanaugh knows that he’ll have to answer in the next life for his acts in this life. Those of his attackers who don’t share his beliefs, whether Ford herself, Democrat Congress critters, or the generic Leftists attacking him have a different belief system. They believe that, if they can get away with evil, immoral acts, they’re home free. The thought of a final reckoning before God does not slow them down.

Finally, as a general matter, you and I all know that, if the Republicans let Democrats get away with this, no man is save. Your son, your husband, your father, your brother, your mentor — any and all men (except maybe, for women with penises and men with vaginas) will henceforth be presumptively guilty. We know what this looks like: it looks like the Kafkaesque kangaroo courts that have been playing out in American colleges and universities across America. An accusation is proof. Game over. No defense. No appeal. Your reputation and livelihood (present or future) are destroyed.

Ford: She believes what she was saying, but I don’t. Her breathy little girl voice, her swinging between professorial and bewildered, h
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From: ElDotardo


Just a coincidence, I'm sure . . .

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From: ElDotardo


Christine Ford’s Friend Leland Keyser Will Cooperate With FBI, Says She DOES NOT Know Brett Kavanaugh

Christine Ford named her life long friend Leland Ingram Keyser as the female ‘witness’ who attended the high school party where Ford was allegedly sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh in 1982.

Keyser’s attorney sent a letter to the Judiciary Committee this weekend once again confirming her client does not know Brett Kavanaugh and she never attended the party described by Ford.


All witnesses Ford named have denied being at the party described in Ford’s allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh.

In the letter sent to the Judiciary Committee, Keyser’s attorney said her client is willing to cooperate fully with the FBI’s supplemental investigation into Kavanaugh.

“However, as my client has already made clear, she does not know Judge Kavanaugh and has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford,” Keyser’s attorney said. “The simple and unchangeable truth is that she is unable to corroborate it because she has no recollection of the incident in question.”

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From: ElDotardo


The Moral-Panic Phase

Why is the Kavanaugh nomination causing people to lose their minds?

Dear Reader (Including everybody who’d just like a time-out),

Maybe it’s because I’ve been getting so much grief from left and right for the alleged sin of “both sides-ism” over the last few years, but Thursday (yesterday for me) was both clarifying and cathartic. Oh, don’t get me wrong: It was horrible and possibly tragic for the Court and the country, but it was also oddly — and probably momentarily — liberating, at least for me.

Because, finally, there was a left–right fight about which I am largely un-conflicted. This wasn’t a brouhaha about Trump or any of the usual stuff. The issue here was that the Democrats and their abettors in the media simply behaved atrociously.

For example, on Thursday, nearly every conservative and Republican was respectful towards Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, finding her testimony moving and credible. But when Brett Kavanaugh spoke, also movingly and credibly, the instantaneous response from much of the liberal and Democratic chorus was “Ermahgod! Raaaaaapist!” or “How dare he be angry!” or “You can’t have a partisan madman like this on the Court!”

Look, I actually agree that Kavanaugh’s anger towards Democrats in the hearing — though morally and emotionally justified — isn’t a good thing over the long run if he were to make it on the Court. But this idea that he can’t be a Supreme Court justice because he wasn’t dispassionate in the face of multiple bogus allegations that he’s a rapist is both grotesque and grotesquely dumb.


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