Image result for No, Trump Didnâ??t Destroy Seven Year Oldâ??s Belief In Santa, Parents And Child Appreciated Call, Say Stop Politicizing It

Good for them. Instead of looking at the kindness of making the call and how it made the little girl feel special, once again the media wanted to make it political and attack.

Via Buzzfeed:

The parents of Collman Lloyd — the 7-year-old girl from Lexington, South Carolina, whose phone call with President Trump on Christmas Eve went viral after he asked her if still believes in Santa Claus and then said, “at 7 it’s marginal, right?” — say they have no issue with how Trump spoke to their daughter.

In fact, dad Donald J. Lloyd, 40, (who, as it happens, shares a first name and middle initial with the president) told BuzzFeed News he would have used similar language with his daughter, and he thinks the remark is being taken out of proportion and unfairly politicized.

“I think it’s crazy it became a big deal. It’s Christmas time. I’d love to keep politics out of Christmas,” said Donald. “It didn’t bother me — I like to talk to my kids like adults.”

Collman’s mom, Erica, 40, agreed. She added that she found Trump to be extremely generous.

“I’m a teacher. I’m OK with the vocabulary,” said Erica, who teaches third grade students. “He was very kind. I was very impressed with the phone call.”

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