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Australian Culture and History   Australia and Oceania

Started 7/13/19 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 13801 views.

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Jenifer (Zarknorph) said:

They also insisted on walking around in a top end Australian summer in full woollen military gear!

There's a Churchill book where he goes out to Egypt and sees at a distance troops frolicking on the beach and going into the sea.

He turns to his companion and says "how thoughtful of the army to have given them all white trunks to preserve their dignity".

He then mentions that the colonials had previously all been terrified of the sun - wearing pith helmets and puttees and back-pads (eh? wuzzat?).

Whereas modern man wasn't a bit afraid and didn't seem to suffer any ill effects. (We now know that's not entirely true!).


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A parting shot . . . enjoy . . .


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Ahh, thank you.

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Well since you can’t do it with family at the dinner table....

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Ever considered that all this can be done at the same time or is your mind too limited to realise that not everyone has the same needs at the same time.

And where do you get your maid and your gardener, house painter etc.?

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Image result for new year's 2020 sydney australia

PC Killjoy Denounces Sydney Fireworks

Enjoy New Year’s fireworks while you can. The politically correct intelligentsia has proclaimed them to be uncouth — or as Charles Purcell puts it in the Sydney Morning Herald, “a tasteless display of human excess” and “the worst of human hubris.”

Fireworks even oppress the animals. The annual fireworks over Sydney are spectacular, but…

…it is also possible to behold another view of the fireworks — one through less human-centric eyes.

Because the fireworks also provoke the mass flight of terrified bats from the city. There are silhouettes of startled birds, scared out of their nests. There are the howls of dogs from under their humans’ beds.

All so we can have our yearly bread and circus in the sky.

The shame.

There are also neurotic snowflakes to think about. If “aggressive scents” are enough to trigger them, imagine what fireworks might inflict upon their hypersensitive nerves.

My sympathies go to the people who may find the fireworks traumatic.

Good thing we have self-righteous moonbat killjoys to put an end this outrage. Expect legislation to follow soon.


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