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USN 1.1 inch AA   Naval Guns

Started 25/4/18 by autogun; 1089 views.
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I'm sorry to have to say that I seem to have been misled about the development of the 1.1" gun. I was just skimming through Norman Friedman's Naval Anti-Aircraft Guns and Gunnery and found this:  

"By September (1929) BuOrd was working on its own gun design."

"BuOrd was also interested in a non-recoil 1.1 inch gun (Mk 2) offered by Automatic Guns Inc and designed by a Mr Hudson. He had built a 0.50-caliber prototype which was being scaled up to 1.1 inch calibre. Details of the two designs were tabulated in a 7 December 1929 memo in the BuOrd S74-1  file (RG 74, NARA).....The Hudson design was belt-fed (25-50 rounds per belt), the BuOrd design clip-fed (18 rounds per clip). The Hudson design was gas-spring operated....the BuOrd gun was recoil-spring operated. The BuOrd Gun and Mount history dates the beginning of the Bu-Ord design to 13 December 1928, when engineering work began. The Hudson gun was built and tested, but proved unsatisfactory.

I was astonished to read this, as I had first read about Hudson's claimed involvement with the 1.1 inch years ago. But Friedman is quoting official sources, which I can't argue with.  Infuriatingly, I cannot locate the source of the information I posted at the beginning of this thread.

So I must apologise for inadvertently posting incorrect information. Fortunately, I haven't yet sent my book off to the publishers (any day now!).