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NGSW-FC Smart Optic   Small Arms <20mm

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US forces testing an off the shelf Fire Control optic in Syria. It's likely that experience with this FCU may inform the overall adoption and refinement leading into the NGSW-FC.

TFB first reported on the Smart Shooter SMASH system in April 2018, since then the system has been evaluated by a number of US military branches and the Australian Defence Force. The US Airforces’s 9th Reconnaissance Wing tested the system Beale Air Force Base, California, back in August 2019.

Special Operations Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve (SOJTF-OIR), controls and coordinates the special operations units involved in Inherent Resolve’s operations against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The captions to the released images indicate that “Coalition and partner forces regularly train on various weapon systems in a joint effort to help set conditions for the enduring defeat of Daesh in Syria.” The Smart Shooter SMASH system being one of the more recent systems to be evaluated in the field. It remains unclear if the system has been used on operations.

Once the user has designated a target the system can track and calculate the target’s movement and with the use of image processing and calculation algorithms predicts the vector the target will travel. Some models can prevent the weapon’s trigger from being pulled until the targets is within the the integrated reflex sight’s reticle – thus, in theory at least, improving hit probability.  The photographs show operators zeroing the system and then engaging an aerial target – a cardboard box suspended by a rope from a drone.

We purchased smart shooter systems in March 2019 for Special Operations Forces to evaluate this capability in an operational environment. The results of the combat evaluation are pending. Our Army and Navy service components and one Theater Special Operations Command – Special Operations Command Central – have participated in the combat evaluation up to this point. We are evaluating the smart shooter system as a potential individual-level solution to enhancing Special Operations Forces capabilities for countering unmanned aerial systems.