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Portees and gun carriage suspension   General Military Discussion

Started 27/7/20 by jxexqx; 213 views.

From: jxexqx


I've recently been over at the "Engines of the Western Allies" site ( ) where the current focus is on the British "Portee" system of carrying AT guns on the back of trucks rather than towing them. The rough going in the western desert was causing damage to the gun carriages when towed over long distances so the guns were loaded onto the back of the trucks instead. In contrast, I've never heard of the Germans or Italians doing the same thing. German AT guns also seem to have solid tyres which would be even more punishing to the carriages than the pneumatic tyres used on British guns. That said, the PAK 38 carriage looks like it has a torsion bar suspension system (from what I can see in photographs) while I can't find any evidence of suspension on the 6pdr although the 2pdr might have a transverse leaf spring system ( Gun carriage suspension systems are something that only I find intriguing if the results of a google search are anything to go by ).

So, does anyone know if the German guns benefited from an effective suspension system while the British guns used a solid axle and thus suffered when towed over rough terrain?