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LMAO Germany adopts an AR-15   Small Arms <20mm

Started 14/9/20 by QuintusO; 39635 views.

From: poliorcetes


I don't know. They (central European people) have an entirelly different story of relation and image of the State and the Administration. What they call lack of transparency is not what we call lack of transparency at the Southern tip of Europe. For instance, if some official is discovered with a PhD dissertation plaguiarized, he resigns immediatly because it's the right thing to do. Our politicians tend to think that resign is a ununderstandable foreign word and of course, resign is out of question.

Another difference would be related with the importance of family / long term friendship networks. Outside of such a network, in all Iberoamerica you are going to experience almost unsurmountable barriers. Here we are in the middle between Central and Northern Europe and our brothers at the other side of the lake.

It's a very difficult problem. We all are westerners and share a core of common values, for sure. Ours is a bicontinental civilization (add Australia/NZ if you want). But inside our great cultural sphere there are quite deep differences. Indeed, a huge set of "false friends", because we use the same terms for designating not so equal realities. Maybe it's partly a language problem too, because I can understand well Brasilero (Brazilian Portuguese) and surely you understand either my Spanish or any other Hispanoamerican Spanish even better, but it's not natural for other people north of Pyrenees to understand our languages just by hearing and vice versa.

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From: gatnerd


Some more info on the Steyr G36 upgrade:

Also go to the comments, as some representative from Corax Defense explains more of the project.

The heat testing results are especially interesting:


From: JPeelen


Now the decision text by the court of Bundeskartellamt has become public in a sanitized form. From it , the pricing issue as the basis for the decision that HK had won, is as follows:
1) HK and Haenel submitted their bids.
2) Bundeswehr (BAAIN) requested both bidders to reconsider two (sanitized) aspects of the pricing.
3) As a consequence, Haenel modified its bidding price. HK did not.  
4) The modified Haenel bid now was the lowest bid. Hanel got the contract.
5) This triggered HK to start the well known patent battle.

The court ruled that by above step 2, Bundeswehr violated the rules. The modified price Haenel submitted in step 3 could therefore not be considered at all.
HK got the contract due to being the lowest bidder. That means, their bid in step 1 must have been lower than the Haenel bid.

Because of Haenel finally being not the lowest bidder, the entire patent issue did not have to be considered by the court.          

On the last day of the deadline (24 June) Haenel went to the next higher court. 


From: renatohm


What a mess... and it hasn't even finished yet!

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From: gatnerd


Steyr continues to promote their G36 upgrade, both for Germany and also with hopes of Spain and Lithuania:

A new, nice rifle would be ideal, but the Steyr G62 kit does look perfectly serviceable / may be a better stopgap option for the next 10-15 years while NGSW and its related technologies sort themselves out and are better understood. 


From: poliorcetes


AFAIK Spanish Army is not going to acquire such upgrade. They are satisfied with G36 as it is now.

there are rumors about different polymer compounds used with Spanish and German G36 furniture. Anyways, there is no money for such upgrade 

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From: tidusyuki


Apparently, germany isn't the only one that has some problems with procurements and the whole H&K 416 patent fiasco. South korean have recently suffered major problem in their procurement programs. the plan to replace their K1 with a new AR15 based rifle was cancelled due to some internal problems. the funny thing is the rifle was said to be heavily based on the HK416 lol. Seems like military procurement is just a mess no matter which country.



From: poliorcetes


Western democracies need to change a lot of aspects of such processes. And European democracies add injuries to the insult under the form of sisiphic certification processes and methastasizing growing of normatives and eurorules. As one engineer friend of mine says, "UAS normatives are being written by the enemy"