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Lobbing rounds at the target    Small Arms <20mm

Started 20-Sep by Mr. T (MrT4); 867 views.
Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


This is getting ridiculous , at least most of the ELR scene moved away from lucky shot records at huge targets to 3hits in the row standard on 36x36 targets. Lucky shot reconds are past 7000y while the 'repeatable' 3 hits in the row record is around 2200y

Pistol shots are total and absolute BS considering they are aiming into the blue and hoping to hit something.


From: roguetechie


So you're mad that they can do it and you can't?

You should really bring us some peanut butter to go with all the jelly you spread in this forum.

I personally know people who can naturally just shoot far better than I ever could even when they're using irons or ACOG's and I'm using the best optics and other shooting aids money can buy. I don't get jealous or upset by it, it just encourages me to do and be better.

The way you framed the pistol Longshot thing is especially disingenuous since there really are multiple people out there that have conclusively shown that they can indeed repeat shots from distances most of us could never hope to.


From: Farmplinker


Some people are better than others. Also, I think the technology being advertised helped more than a bit.

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


I have shot ELR both centerfire and rimfire and bunch of sniping comps, and have in the past developed analog rangefinding calculator for no rangefinder comps, so i appreciate long-range shooting and the science behind it that is continually stretching the hit probability at ever-longer ranges, but have absolutely no respect for trick shooting like this.

Just for fun try inputting any 10mm load you can think of. into ballistic comp to calculate the drop, even extremely low SD and ES you can only dream of in real-world would be dispersing rounds all over the place without any other influence, add other factors and the likelihood of a hit on target drops of dramatically, without even the dialing and aiming issues with pistols at such ranges. The sponsor might have supplied a pistol stock and the have likely made a sighting with dialed in drop for the range(altough considering that these things change with conditions and he is using a red dot with a magnifier, the luck is still a major factor with everything else dialed to perfection)   

Sponsor tech that helped make the shot, a handheld pistol brace  and a moded up volley sight


From: roguetechie


Yeah, there are tons of people who shoot way better than me. There's also tons of people who shoot way worse than me too.

My biggest point with all of this though is that when I see people do things I can't, I say oh wow that's amazing. 

Because it is, in fact, amazing.

What I don't do, is cry about it and write long screeds about how it's just blind luck because even if I borderline cheat and give myself every possible Advantage I can I still can't do it.

I understand, accept, and am actually happy that there are things other people can do that I can't replicate no matter how hard I try.

I'm calling this entire topic as I see it when I point out that no one likes a whiner who cries because even when he cheats he still can't do what someone else can without even having to resort to cheating.

And yes, doing up an ersatz analog rangefinder to use when competing in a no range finder shooting match is in fact cheating, even if it's not black letter against the rules it's still a shitty thing to do.

It's even more shitty, and frankly distasteful, to have to hear someone whose admitting to essentially cheating being butthurt about the fact that they can't win even when they cheat.

The OP has not done anything to cover themselves in anything resembling glory by starting this topic and has actually managed to make it even more distasteful in his follow on responses


From: DavidPawley


Maybe wind it back on the insults, yeah?

In reply toRe: msg 5

From: autogun


Reminds me of a long range pistol shoot my club did at Bisley in the 1970s - just for fun. 

I had my standard 9mm Husqvarna, complete with standard sights and long, graunchy trigger. I sat down with a box between my legs and rested the gun butt on the box. I found that at 200 yards, I was capable of hitting a man-sized target about 50% of the time. In fairness, the standard sights were pretty good for a military pistol - big and clear. But that trigger was really awful...

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From: Parnis


autogun, when you said 9mm Husvarna, my first impulse was that you meant the FN 1903 copy in 9mm Browning Long produced under license by Husqvarna as their Model 1907.  But then it seemed to me that the Swedish version of the 9mm Parabellum Lahti pistol was more likely.  In the US, at least, 9mm Browning Long ammunition would have been hard to get in the 1970's.  And the Lahti, IIRC, has better sights the the FN 1903 / Husqvarna 1907.  Which was it?

I am sorry if this is much ado about nothing, but in the US, we seem to call both the Swedish and Finnish versions of the Lahti Lahtis, while the Husqvarna name is reserved for the Model 1907.  This is the only UK firearms forum I read.

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From: Mustrakrakis


roguetechie said:

So you're mad that they can do it and you can't?

Before I'm going to accuse someone else of not being able to do it, I'll want to know what exactly "it" is...such as, how many attempts did this take, and was it repeatable?  I didn't see enough video to have any sort of context.  Also, having engaged in silly (but far less silly than that) shooting in the past, I understand that it's very much a matter of luck.  At 500 yards with 9mm at least, even if you manage to get the hold figured out, it's pretty common for the bullets to develop minds of their own once they've been lobbed far enough.  If you've got the sun at the right angle behind your back, you can actually watch all the crazy shit that those bullets do. 

Can I do it?  Of course.  So can you.  Anyone with one hand and an eye can, if they have enough ammunition, time, and patience.  That's why I'm interested in what happened before and after the video.

On a somewhat related note, this video struck me as an advertisement of some sort, but not a very good one as I'm not sure what they're selling.  What's the product called?