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Japanese Fuze Setting for WWII Naval Gun   Naval Guns

Started 2-Jan by TonyDiG; 180 views.

From: TonyDiG


There was a discussion a few years ago about how British 2-pdr. time fuzes were set.  I can't seem to find the discussion now, but this section on the NavWeaps 2-pdr. Mark II datapage describes how the fuze setter worked:

Today, while looking for something else in my files, I ran across my copy of "US Naval Technical Mission to Japan report O-48: Japanese Fuze-Setting Equipment."  An on-line version is here (clicking on this link will download a pdf to your computer):

The concept of the Japanese fuze setters of pulling the nose fuze of an AA projectile across a toothed bar to set the time looks very similar to the descriptions of how the 2-pdr. fuze setter worked. This type of fuze setter was used on the Japanese 12.7cm/40 Type 89, 10cm/65 Type 98 and 8 cm cm/Type 98 AA guns.  I am wondering if the Japanese designs were inspired by the 2-pdr design, as Japan imported many 2-pdrs. during the 1920s and 1930s before adopting the Hotchkiss 13mm and 25mm AA MGs.