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Left-handed infantry   General Military Discussion

Started 27-Jan by autogun; 2138 views.

From: graylion


Mustrakrakis said:

nincomp said: Does anyone know the prevalence of left-eye dominance?  I am left-handed, but right-eye dominant. 29% of people are left eye dominant.  18% of people are cross eye dominant like you are.  It imposes some additional challenges to shooting, but they aren't insurmountable.

I am cross-eye dominant (left eye) and have shot left from day 1


From: larrikin2


Maoris have a very high proportion of left handers in their population, well above the 10-13% seen in most Western countries.  And during WWII the Maori Bn did spend some time and effort training for left handed shooting because of this.

Evidently when they got to street fighting in Italy the Germans hated it, because they came up the wrong side of streets and fired out the wrong side of doors and windows.  It meant that firing lines set up to catch a normal advance had great difficulties dealing with the Maoris in approach.

Which is a good reason to have an ambidextrous reason and to train your front line troops in particular to shoot from the left shoulder.