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UK military spending review   General Military Discussion

Started 13/3/21 by autogun; 13893 views.

From: RovingPedant


schnuersi said...

That really is rather problematic. Vibration problems usually are because of the interaction of several parts. There often is no single source or cause. This can be very tough to pinpoint and fix. It seems strange though that Ajax has such troubles since its based of an exsiting and mature vehicle. This hints at either poor integration of systems and modifications or changes to the basic layout without proper analysis and testing. If the latter is the case these proplems might not be fixable at all without a major rework.

It could equally be quality control problems which are possible to fix. Checking the published noise and vibration review,, it states:

62. Noise and vibration in the Ajax family of vehicles have both electrical and mechanical origins from the following broad sources:

  1. Track, suspension and running gear, in particular the tension and sprocket design/track interface.

  2. Engine and its mounting into the vehicle.

  3. Quality issues associated with, but not limited to, inconsistent routing of cabling, lack of bonding and weld quality; all of which can lead to potential electromagnetic compatibility issues with communication equipment. As witnessed during trials, insecure components and bolting within the vehicle can also lead to noise and vibration, and again this was noted by ATDU crews.

  4. Headset performance and integration (noise only).

It looks like the reviewers have an idea of where the problems are and those noted are mostly things that can be addressed and finessed without starting afresh, the engine being questionable.


From: RovingPedant


autogun said...

The story I have heard is as follows: CTAI designed their ammo feed together with the gun. The French adopted the CTAI package unchanged and it works just fine, but LM, who won the British contract for the Ajax turret, decided to design their own feed. Not good...

If you see the interior of the EBRC turret it looks like while they may have been to CTAI for the ammunition feed it's a feed system that hasn't been shown for any other installation i.e. it's a new or modified arrangement, not an existing one.

Still, the weapon manufacturer ought to be able to integrate an ammo handling system to their weapon better than a third party.



From: autogun


Yes, you may be right that the French feed was not the original one, but it was, I believe, designed by the gun designers.

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From: autogun


It has risen...

The UK’s troubled AJAX armored fighting vehicle program has restarted after safety concerns for personnel halted the trials phase back in March. The safety issues included noise and vibration issues which left soldiers with permanent injuries. In May the In June, the Public Accounts Committee found that delays had been caused by a “litany of failures” and advised that the Ministry of Defence needed to resolve the issues or scrap the project.

In a statement to Parliament Minister of State For Defence Procurement, Alec Shelbrooke explained that the government’s concern is “the safety of our personnel, which has been at the forefront of the work that has been ongoing over the summer,” he continued “I am pleased to be able to inform the House that, following agreement from the AJAX Safety Panel, this work has led to resuming the User Validation Trials paused earlier this year and since Monday 10th October there have been eight days of trials.”