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This is intended for people interested in the subject of military guns and their ammunition, with emphasis on automatic weapons.

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Autocannon Book   General Military Discussion

Started 21/4/21 by Barnowlgreen; 15955 views.

From: autogun


Thanks for the comment.

There were two images which disappointed me for lack of clarity, although for one of them there is another pic later in the book which is OK. Given the international nature of the production, with various firms involved in addition to Crowood in dealing with the layout, design, printing etc, communications were somewhat complex but despite this I think the end result has turned out well.

I should point out for the benefit of potential purchasers that it is only the cannon table which has the guns in calibre order: the text  (the bulk of the book) is organised by nationality, then within that by approximate date of introduction. There is also an introductory section for each nationality which talks about the companies involved, designation systems etc.