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Started 21/4/21 by Barnowlgreen; 19098 views.

From: smg762


tony, i had some questions about mauser style revolving mechanisms..

1)  could these be applied to small, TMP-sized PDWs....there were some 1930's era revolvers that fed round from a pistol mag into a revolving chamber.  if applied to a PDW could it potentially reduce the action size

2)  would this mechanism potentially allow higher pressures than a normal mechanism. for example a 70k cartridge instead of the usual 50k PSI

3) am i right in thinking that such mechanisms in a rifle would remove the need for a long spring/bolt/slide, because you simply have a block of steel which seals the chamber.  in other words, would it allow for a shorter PDW

3) looking at the CT idea, there were some russian cannons that fed rounds backwards into a revolver chamber. 

would this be practical if applied to a PDW, or is it not worth it due to the increased complexity, precise alignment and so on


From: autogun


Sounds as if it's the Dardick Tround you should be looking at. 

Although that was, of course, a commercial failure...


From: smg762


yes but that used an open chamber that leaked gas and wasn't too effiecent.

overall do you think that revolving chambers are practical for small arms or PDW?ds