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Poland deploying LMP-2017 60mm Commando Mortars    Army Guns 20+mm

Started 27/10/21 by gatnerd; 1042 views.

From: stancrist


gatnerd said:

So vs the CG, you also gain +2 shells. Although the CG is almost certainly more accurate.

Yup.  That +2 is not really the advantage it might seem.

Handheld 60mm mortar.  Not exactly precise shooting.


From: Refleks


stancrist said:

4mm is smaller diameter than the pellets fired from my nephew's BB gun.

I can definitely understand the sentiment, I was surprised to find claymores and PFF artillery ammunition often have fragments even smaller than that (on the order of 3mm).  Just one of the tradeoffs they had to make to ensure a sufficiently dense fragment dispersion to achieve a desired probability of a hit. 

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From: gatnerd


stancrist said:

4mm is smaller diameter than the pellets fired from my nephew's BB gun.

Whats funny is thats actually 'large' in terms of fragments.

The DM51 hand grenade uses 6500 2mm bb's:

This is also why everything (30mm AC/ 40mm UGL / Hand grenades) all have the same 5m 'lethal radius' despite being wildly different in size and fragment count. 

Namely, that 'lethal radius' is determined by distance the fragments will penetrate a 2mm sheet of aluminum. Which due to the low weight is 5m. So a DM51 that puts like 10x fragments per m2 at 5m is rated the same a 40x46 that puts 1.5x fragments per m2 at 5m. Thats why I generally take any rated 'lethal radius' and cut it in 1/2. 

The Rheinmetal slide I got those specs for showed at 2.5m, there were ~10x the level of penetrations at 5m, and the frags were defeating IIIA armor + 2mm aluminum - aka actually lethal. 

More modern / $$ grenades and shells use Tungsten fragments instead of steel. For example the Korean hand grenades use 1300 tungsten BB's of 2-3mm diameter. Since they have 2x the weight, they are able to penetrate more effectively. SAAB's MAPAM shells and the latest CG 84mm rounds also use Tungsten frags.

I stumbled across an unusually detail grenade collectors website, which had this testing detail for the HG85 grenade. Whole website has a lot of data.

@5m, 4-5 penetrations per m2, with each pellet (presumably tungsten) achieving 80j of energy. About the energy of a .22 Short 

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