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New 5.8mm DBP191 ball and DVC12 AP round info and comparisons with 6 ARC and .22   Ammunition <20mm

Started 28/10/21 by Augmentcore; 1175 views.

From: EmericD


Augmentcore said:

So in order to avoid the barrel burning in automatic mode, a meaningful diameter is .25 cal (only in my opinion). .260 cal is too big to get ideal ballistic coefficient like 6.5 Grendel (TOO slow), while .243 cal is too small to make multi-purpose bullets such as dim-tracer. What do you think?

"Optimum" bullet diameter is just a by-product of the amount of the muzzle energy you want to achieve from barrel length with an expansion ratio around 8-9.

The original idea was to duplicate the retained energy of the 7.62 x 51 mm with a smaller / lighter round, it was already demonstrated that you could achieve this goal at 600 m with a .264" bullet and ~2500 J of muzzle energy, but a .236" bullet and slightly less muzzle energy will be OK, or any diameter between (.243" and .257").

The .243" seems to be sufficient for long-range tracers and can be used in "micro action", while the .264" will eat too much internal space and will probably need a longer action.


From: smg762


Going back to the 5.8mm ammo, task and purpous has a new video on the chinese bullpup ...just uploaded right now


From: Augmentcore


But the problem is that bullpup rifles like QBZ95 are now a marginalized part of China. The current new rifle like QBZ191 is just an imitation of the AR series and HK416, even the buttstock can only be retractable but not foldable (because the built-in reintroduction pipe has been almost reached the bottom plate of the buttstock like those old M16/M16A1), I think this can already explain the problem. So the problem of insufficient barrel length (14.5 in, the same as M4A1) will not only be faced by the American AR rifle, but the new Chinese rifle will also be troubled by this problem.


From: stancrist


Why China Switched to the New QBZ-191 Primary Weapon

Follow me for live updates: 2019 the Peoples Liberation Army switched to a Next Generation QBZ 191 weapon system. This...