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Australian NGSW   General Military Discussion

Started 5/11/21 by Gr1ff1th; 3589 views.

From: EmericD


gatnerd said:

Personally, I don't see much chance or desire for Russia to be invading Finland or Sweden (much less so imminently that they can't wait for the NGSW results...) Whereas I do see some risk of shit popping off / a gross miscalculation happening in the Taiwan Strait or South China Sea in the next 10 years. But in either case, small arms seems pretty small potatoes for those type of conflicts. 

A "not-so-old" paper detailing the view from Sweden:


From: gatnerd


This Wall Street Journal article from Jan 2021 seems even more strident; they definitely perceive the threat to be real and are taking it seriously; much more seriously then my read on the situation thats for sure.

Some excerpts:

“We no longer can rule out a military attack on Sweden,” said Karin Olofsdotter, Sweden’s ambassador in Washington. “It’s not likely in any way, but it can’t be ruled out.”

Last month, Sweden’s parliament authorized the biggest increase in military spending in 70 years, including a 50% expansion of the country’s armed forces, to 90,000 troops in 2025 from 60,000 today. In 2018, the army resurrected its Cold War-era Gotland Regiment, which had been deactivated in 2005, and now the troops regularly train to repel Russian invaders. The army plans to add another battalion, artillery units and logistical capabilities to its forces on the island.
A U.S. Army Green Beret team is stationed full-time in Sweden to help the country’s 22,000-strong Home Guard—part-time citizen-soldiers—plan sabotage, ambush and other operations to disrupt any attempted occupation.
For several weeks this fall, an American Green Beret team worked with Gotland’s Home Guard detachment to practice resistance operations, a plan that leans heavily on the part-time soldiers’ intimate knowledge of the area. In one training scenario, a Home Guard soldier tapped his network of friends and family to find a mock enemy infiltrator; the soldier’s brother reported by cellphone that the man was hiding in the backyard.
“At least we’ll have a defense,” said Col. Mattias Ardin, commander of the Gotland Regiment. “It won’t be a new Crimea.”
The Swedes “have come to the realization that being quiet and not advertising capabilities has no deterrent value,” said one U.S. officer involved in the training.

From: Farmplinker


"It won't be a Crimea". No, because most people in Crimea like being part of Russia.


From: Farmplinker


Just say the ozzies are stinking Anglo-Saxons. This Yank won't mind.wink

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


I don't think anyone seriously believes Sweden is under threat of Russian invasion. Just lots of whining by the politicians and the military top brass pushing to end Swedish neutrality and join the NATO . They have been crying woolf even before Ukrainian maidan.

US and NATO is spreading so much misinformation and edging on folks in various hotspots,that we can only hope things don't accidentally go hot when someone miscalculates all the smoke signals and verbal support for we have your backs no matter what =we will fight your war for you.


From: poliorcetes


Actually Swedish military and security forces are in the dual state of mind of a lot of more European forces: When and how they will have to intervene in internal / non conventional strifes and conflicts. The most probable target of an AP-served 7,62 battle rifle will be a shahid protected by an armor plate


From: hobbes154


That (and what Emeric said) all makes sense for why Australia might want to join NGSW and manufacture it domestically, maybe even build our own rifle around the NGSW cartridge (though if Thales is so great why didn't they enter the US competition?), but developing our own cartridge?!