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.30 Super / 8mm Super pistol cartridge   Ammunition <20mm

Started 5/1/22 by gatnerd; 7317 views.
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From: 17thfabn


I'm trying to find some data of sales by caliber for the last few years.

Not having much luck.

Of course the data would be skewed.  It has been difficult to get ammo. And the more rare calibers such as .327 magnum have been especially difficult to get.


From: gatnerd


I’m hard pressed to think of a successful one. .327 wasn’t much of a success despite being a cool idea. 

I think .44 Magnum for is probably the last civilian handgun cartridge to see widespread (ie sold everywhere and common) success.

Rifle rounds seem to have a bit easier time of it.


From: renatohm


Realistically speaking, there are few things that you can't do with handguns with established calibers like 357 and 44 Magnum (for revolvers) and 9x19 and 45 ACP (for pistols).

Sure, there are plenty of niche roles for exotic calibers, but most uses for handguns have already been covered eons ago.


From: Farmplinker


10mm is doing better than it was say, 15 years ago. I would be 1st in line to buy a Browning 1911-30 with the 4 1/4" barrel.


From: roguetechie


See I would have went 85 grain and supersonic for baseline load, then let liberty cook up something just INSANE and even lighter.

Im interested in this as both a pocket carry gun and something you could potentially do a Glock 19 or larger sized duty and critter grade extra deep magazine capacity pistol.


From: smg762


Rogue I had an off topic question I forgot to ask earlier.

Does a belt fed bleed gas from the barrel, and does it reduce the energy of the round? Being weapon powered I assume it must take had from the barrel....if there is an energy loss, is it much?

As for the 30 super, id love a 7mms round with the case only 7mms wide. Very long cartridge.  15 rounds in a subcompact


From: gatnerd


roguetechie said:

then let liberty cook up something just INSANE and even lighter.

Not Liberty, but Lehigh has a promising option:

Basically a modern THV

Jeff (Jefffar)

From: Jeff (Jefffar)


Those look like Pagodas...


From: roguetechie


I mean yes you can get gas blowby past your projectile especially in shot out barrels to a point where you can actually lose some muzzle velocity.

The study of this is generally referred to as internal ballistics (ie how your cartridge performs while still inside the barrel of the gun)

The ballistics we mostly talk about in this forum are external/terminal ballistics. All 3 are important, distinct, and have an impact on each other. Internal ballistics though will do a lot to determine the function of your weapon itself though.

Your 7mm round idea is essentially what 7mm penna is. There's 7x23 as well as a 7x28 version and potentially a 7x33 version with projectiles ranging from 69 grain at the top end to about 49 grains and 1300 fps to like 1738 fps at the top end.

You can get pretty insane amounts of rounds into something like a g19 sized magwell or even a 1911 single stack well.

The best part is it uses 5.7x28 brass which is cheap and available and can handle high pressures.

The issue with really long cartridges is grip shape is important for human hands.

I think in theory you could potentially even do a triple stack into double feed column mag which would give you some pretty ungodly capacity if you did it right. The trick would be in actually getting it right but it could be a beast with a capacity in the low to mid 20's.

The real question is could you get enough velocity and a high enough length to diameter ratio to make that velocity worth it in terminal effect.

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From: gatnerd


Some more info:

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