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New Greek rifle to replace G-3   Small Arms <20mm

Started 16-Jan by Mr. T (MrT4); 1703 views.
Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


Could be just some vapor vare. They are touting some rock bottom prices for something that is not off the shelf

The national rifle, designed by AOR (AOP) Design team, was presented before the Hellenic Army General Staff.

According to a report by Savvas Vlassis, the presentation took place before a large delegation of senior officers of the Army, who, in addition to praising the entire effort, exchanged views and questions to clarify individual details.

The design of the AOR rifle began in September 2019 and was completed in March 2020.

The design consists of a modern 5.56 mm NATO caliber carbine sample, labeled as M21-5, but the rifle can also be offered with 7.62 mm NATO caliber, labeled as M21-7. In terms of other technical characteristics, the rifle can be produced in other versions with different barrel lengths to meet different operational requirements.

Indicatively, the available versions are:

M21-5 CQB Carbine with 10.5 inch long barrel
M21-5 Carbine with 14.5 inch barrel
M21-5 Standard with 16-inch barrel
M21-5 DMR Sniper rifle with 18-inch barrel

The representatives of the AOR Design team developed the proposal that, as a private initiative, is addressed to the Greek State, i.e. for the production of weapons by the state Hellenic Defence Systems (EAS), since the existing legislation does not allow such activity by another body. The completed proposal includes full cooperation in product design and a consulting role in all subsequent phases related to the construction of functional prototypes, certification and design of the production line.

So let the rifle in these order numbers from the Ministry of the Interior cost € 1,000 / piece. (against foreign competitors placed at € 1,500 / pc). This means:

Production of 10,000 rifles per year for 10 years, creates an annual income of EAS 10,000,000 € / year.
The above will create about 190 jobs at EAS in Aigio (direct jobs), 170 jobs at EAS sub-manufacturers / suppliers (indirect jobs) and 150 jobs in the wider economy, mainly in the consumer sector (induced jobs). working). A total of 510 jobs.
These jobs will return to the state coffers in the form of taxes, contributions and unemployment cost savings of € 9,100,000 / year. EAS will return to the state in the form of corporate profit tax € 200,000 / year. So from the production of the rifle every year € 9,300,000 will flow into the state coffers. For 10 years 93,000,000 €.
The conclusion is that the ADRs can be equipped with a national rifle with the almost negligible cost of 7,000,000 € (100,000,000 € supply cost - 93,000,000 € state revenue = 7,000,000 €) only.


From: stancrist


Mr. T (MrT4) said:

Could be just some vapor vare. They are touting some rock bottom prices for something that is not off the shelf

It's not as if it requires R&D.  It's a rather ordinary AR15.


From: gatnerd


The Army was paying ~$750 for M4A1s, and pre Covid PSA and Ruger ARs could be bought by Civilians for $450. So 1000 euros should be very doable.