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Ukraine weapons thread   General Military Discussion

Started 24/2/22 by gatnerd; 393181 views.

From: stancrist


Mr. T (MrT4) said:

I would argue not only do Ukrainians have more drone experience than most Western militaries combined, but at some point one has to consider a military that has been involved in war since 2014 and unlimited war for a year and a half might have more experience gained over piles of bodybags than folks that only read about in the books and maybe commanded worlds 1st miltary with all its resources against iliterate folks in flipflops and AKs&RPGs and nothing much else .

It seems the US DoD has been paying attention.  See the "Replicator Initiative" @ 4:15 in the video below.

Ukrainian Drones: A New Issue for Russia and China || Peter Zeihan

The super moon (or blue moon or whatever it was) didn't have just the animals stirring last night...and since I couldn't sleep, I figured we should talk abou...



From: gatnerd


An interesting (I find not entirely convincing) argument that essentially there are no new lessons to learn from Ukraine:

And the article:


From: stancrist


gatnerd said:

An interesting (I find not entirely convincing) argument that essentially there are no new lessons to learn from Ukraine...

The article can be briefly summarized with:  "If it's something you know or did, it is not a lesson."

Why are you not convinced?  Can you offer any examples of new lessons to learn from Ukraine?

The usefulness of hand grenades is not new.  It's been demonstrated in a number of other wars.

The usefulness of drones is not new.  The Marines were planning to use drones over 5 years ago:

Modernizing the Marine Rifle Squad

The Marine Corps will implement a new squad formation structure in order to meet the demands of future warfighting. The transition to these advanced squad fo...

Drone Zone | Infantry Squads Employ Drones

Marines with 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines conduct Quads for Squads training at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, California, Feb. 28, 20...


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From: farmplinker2


The author didn't say it, but have plenty of ammo is an old lesson. How many references to 72-hour wars and the implied reduced need for ammunition stockpiling occurred before Ukraine, though?


From: stancrist


The author did say that the need for large ammo stockpiles by poorly trained conscript armies in Ukraine may be an irrelevant lesson for highly trained, professional forces.  (See the last paragraph in the "BAD IDEAS" section.)

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


It seems first Challenger 2 up in smoke  , Leopard 2 particularly A6 models seem to be by far the best at taking punishment. Very few totaly burned out even after repeated FPV strikes on the abandoned husks

It is reported that the tank was hit by the crew of the Kornet ATGM.

FPV activity on the Russian side seems to be absolutely off the charts previous month there were 241 recorded/posted hits month before 123 , now 5 days into the month they are already at 93 drone hits , either someone started uploading his backlog or this month is going to be absolutely swarming FPV drones.

Might need to update the claim on UK MOD 

"Challenger 2... has never suffered casualties at the hands of the enemy."

Mi-28 chasing and gunning down an Ukrainian Kamikaze drone.


Watch "video_2023-09-05_16-47-59" on Streamable.


Watch "IMG_4938" on Streamable.


From: gatnerd


Here's a drone development I never expected:

Videos of use and more info:

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


Its not about drone growth per se its more about buying of the shelf Chinese agricultural drone with payload capacity, only problem is 10k$+ drone is as easy to hijack as 500$ FPV drone. Unlike 30mm grenade-tossing drones or FPVs that fit in a backpack, these things need a team in a van that is why neither side is using much of these heavyweight drones

DJI Agras T40

We are excited to announce that DJI Agras T40 is now launching globally. Increased payload, high efficiency, strong penetration, safe and reliable, smart and...


From: nincomp


Would it be difficult for a drone to utilize a directional antenna that stays homed into and pointed in the direction of the controller on the ground?

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


Tracking directional antena is typicaly on the ground station , as its a bit to much weight and size to use on small drones.

Meawhile it seems Russians will be fielding 'Breakwater' drone jamers on tanks soon, as the jamming range is between 600-1000m it could protect from FPV drones not just individual tank but a groups of vehicles.