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Started 4-Apr by graylion; 7831 views.

From: schnuersi


That reads like there is a classical system integrations problem. Which doesn't seem to be Boxer specific.

In Germany we have a saying that translates to: "if you buy cheap, you buy twice". There is also a tounge in cheek joke in "corporate Germany" which goes: "We need to save money! At any cost!"
It seems from the information presented both fully apply to this case as well.

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Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


Yes its same here , but its also a point when politicians buy stuff countries really can't afford, then its just the race to the bottom cutting costs .so when you want to buy a 8x8 with a 30mm canon and ATGMs in the turret , is it better to buy a boxer with no turret at all or an AMV fully kited out? Plans on paper always called for heavily armed 8x8 and budget reality delivers basic 8x8 with 12.7mm , that is why boxer choice was such a surprise over here. Only other posibilty is a broad industrial cooperation offer inclusive with a Boxer outweighed the cost, as we are already seeing our local companies like Valhalla turrets working on German projects.  In the past the high 'offset' percentages turned out as absolute duds in procurment, manufacturers incorporated the costs of offsets into the pricing and offsets often failed to materialize in full .

Our military has been buying Israeli stuff for past 30 years and aside from the boats that seem to be working well, we had all sorts of problems with the Israeli gear, they are always the cheap offer in the mix,out but often take years to work out kinks , while Israelis use the opportunity to develop their products on our dime.

By the way, anyone in the know why french VBCI is practically absent on the market, i haven't seen them in any recent tenders.?


From: schnuersi


Mr. T (MrT4) said:

By the way, anyone in the know why french VBCI is practically absent on the market, i haven't seen them in any recent tenders.?

Two main reasons. As far as I can tell.
The VBCI was tailored to meet the specific needs of the French Army. Its the 8x8 counterpart to the German Puma IFV in this regard.

Second: The French industry is notoriously difficult to work with. Or at the very least they can be.

Which one is more important I can't tell. But the combination certainly does not help.


From: SiverSurfeR


Case in point the Qatari $2b contract fiasco. The Rafale purchase went somehow better.