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The Changing Character of War   General Military Discussion

Started 21/4/22 by stancrist; 36463 views.

From: JPeelen


Give us a break, Max. 

It is recent Russian behaviour that, after many decades of neutrality, frightened the Finns into applying for NATO membership.

The historic example dominating all Finnish thinking in this respect is Stalin's Winter War, not some far away Ottoman empire action. The Finns had been basing their policy after 1945 on the assumption that the Soviet Union and later Russia would behave in a predictable manner. Russia, choosing a Hitler-like attack on Ukraine, pulverized this Finnish attitude. Russia has become totally unpredictable. Finland now bracing for the worst is a natural reaction to Russias actions.      

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From: DavidPawley


Actually, isn’t it true that Russia (or USSR) has only won wars with the help of the very western allies that they’re blaming for the Russian invasion of Ukraine?


From: Farmplinker


Their Eastward and Southward wars (Siberia and original Ukraine occupation) were won by the Russians on their own.


From: Farmplinker


"Merciless Indigenous savages" to update Thomas Jefferson. Siberian natives and the tribes/states of the various "stans".

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From: stancrist


Ask Peter Zeihan: Will Putin "Disappear" and Updates on Russian Demographics?

This is the first of the "Ask Peter" series, so I figured we'd kick it off with a two-parter. First, what's the likelihood of Putin getting assassinated? Sec...

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From: graylion


I saw a video claiming that Russian EW is helping stall UA's offensive due to disturbing stacom for 300km and on shorter ranges interfering with the guidance of ATGM and other smart weapons.

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


Oh the hypocrisy, stand with Ukraine  ........... if only we had a black lesbian president we could just bomb them Cubans and get a Nobel peace prize doing it, but lets just starve them out you know not a sovereign nation unlike Ukraine.

But starving them out might just become harder as the world is slowly but surely developing systems around US sanctions regimes as about 1/3rd of the globe is under one form of sanctions or another

There are 54 countries from across the world today which are under some kind of economic sanctions. Some of these countries such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea among others have been under sanctions for decades. The study notes that, “over the past six decades, there has been significant growth in the use of economic sanctions by Western powers and international organizations.” It notes that in the 1960s, less than 4% of countries in the world were subjected to sanctions imposed by the US, EU, or UN. Now that figure has risen to 27%.

The report notes that the rise in the number of countries under sanctions also means a rise in the global GDP under sanctions. Only 4% of global GDP was under economic sanctions imposed by the US, EU and the UN in the 1960s, while today it stands at nearly one-third of total global GDP or around 29%.

Individual or entity-specific sanctions have also been on the rise. For example, from Barack Obama administration to Joe Biden’s, the number of such sanctioned entities rose from 544 to over 1,100.

Only a small number of countries and entities are legally sanctioned by the UN Security Council. The majority of the entities and countries are subject to illegal sanctions imposed by individual countries such as the US or groups like the EU.

Guy should wear a Raytheon or LM hat at minimum given how he makes his rent.

A Chinese Listening Post in Cuba: What It Means for the US || Peter Zeihan

The news of a "new" Chinese listening post in Cuba sparks the question: why is Cuba so important to the US? No, we're not talking about cigars. We're talking...


From: stancrist


Mr. T (MrT4) said:

Oh the hypocrisy, stand with Ukraine  ...........

neutral_face  I don't understand.  What "hypocrisy" are you referring to?

Mr. T (MrT4) said:

........... if only we had a black lesbian president we could just bomb them Cubans and get a Nobel peace prize doing it, but lets just starve them out you know not a sovereign nation unlike Ukraine.

Hmm.  I cannot imagine why Slovenia would want to bomb Cuba, and I would be very surprised if the Slovenian military even has the capability to do so.

But, in any case, it seems quite unlikely to matter, as I rather doubt that Slovenia will ever have a black lesbian president.  smile

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From: gatnerd


So in terms of calibrating how accurate Zeihans Forecasts are, one of his main thesis has been that we are entering the end of Unlimited Growth / Globalization, and will be entering a period of DeGlobalization and limited/negative growth in much of the world, compounded by energy crisis's / war / negative demographics / limited exports. And that much of the world will need to embrace new economic tools and outlooks as relying on growth can no longer be relied upon.

He's been preaching that since 2014, and that is the primary subject of his most recent book, "The End of the World is Just Beginning."


Well as far as predictive accuracy goes, here's a recent NYT article saying that this part of the Zeihan thesis has begun:

Is Zeihan right on everything? No. But he's right on enough things to be worth listening to.