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Started 4-Jan by Petrus_Optim; 1008 views.

From: Piper106a


Any update on the information (formerly?) at ???  

Expecting eventually restoration of the original site ???  OR will it be moving to a new address??

I am sure many miss the ammo data tables, and the cartridge photographs, among others. 


From: autogun


Thanks for the enquiry.

I have endured a series of technical problems with my site, exacerbated by my incompetence in all things IT, and culminating in my site being wiped clean. Not necessarily a disaster - I have backed-up the site contents so can (presumably) reinstate them.  But don't hold your breath... I am struggling with setting up a new site framework (or whatever it's called).

Assuming I get to the stage of having a website to populate, the cartridge data tables and ammo photo gallery will be first on the list for reinstatement.


From: poliorcetes


Tony, Do you need any help? 

Some of us have certain experience about CMS. Just make a call


From: autogun


Thanks for that, the offer is much appreciated. 

I have just spent some time in responding to your message, spelling out the problems I've had. Only when I tried to post my response, my Mac locked up and and I had to switch it off and on again manually! 

Oh well, try again (see below): 


From: autogun


To repeat what I tried to post before (omitting lengthy disaster stories which obviously upset my computer...):

I need a very, very simple site with the ability to upload and modify text, plus add/delete pdf and jpeg files, plus step by step instructions. About the only requirement is to retain the address so people can find it (that address is now https rather than http). I normally use Mac Pages for text, if that matters. 

If you think you can rescue me, please PM me!

  • Edited 04 February 2023 7:14  by  autogun

From: hobbes154


Hopefully it will be back up soon, but the Wayback Machine has at least some of it covered (pluses of being mainly text!)