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Started 10/1/23 by smg762; 2129 views.

From: smg762


i was hoping for an extremely long CETME bullet - 36mm. 

apparently the 556 FABRl was 31mm so a .25 bullet should stretch to 36mm?

i'm aware the round would be very long - more than 762 NATO

assuming a CETME or FABRL shape, i feel that a 93 grain bullet would have a very high BC.

the 7.92 CETME was 105grain, and apparently had a similar BC to 762 NATO. 


From: EmericD


smg762 said:

apparently the 556 FABRl was 31mm so a .25 bullet should stretch to 36mm?

The L/D of the initial FABRL was 5.5 ( ; p.13) but it seems that they reduced the bullets length during the tests at 4.73 ( ; p.80).

So, depending on your taste, the .257" bullet could be 1.216" (30.9 mm) to 1.414" (35.9 mm) in length, with an ogive between 69% and 73% of the overall bullet.

A steel bullet with an AR2 shape is reported to have a weight of 5.372 g (82 grs) here ; p.191 and +, with a mean BC around 0.201.


From: smg762


what was the caliber and length of this bullet? was it entirely hardened steel?

i feel a 93grain bullet which is 36mm and all-steel would have very high penetration at 3000fps velocity

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Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


By the way what was the problem with  .224 Boz 

On paper a cartridge that could be used in existing guns seemed to be the ticket.