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3D printed shaped charge   General Army topics

Started 31-Jan by renatohm; 488 views.

From: gatnerd


renatohm said:


I certainly did. Thats a real cool channel, and that experiment in particular was awesome. 

Well beyond the DIY pryotechnics of my youth, where a 12 gram co2 cartridge full of matcheads was high tech. 


From: renatohm


Me too.

Then again, no 3D printers back then!


From: roguetechie


3d printed energetics in general is a very neat niche that's very quietly making inroads that will result in dramatically better weapons and etc maybe sooner than we think.

Both army and AFRL are definitely very busy working in this field...

A thing I'm really interested seeing eventually is what this will do to and for thermobaric munitions.

There's some very real potential in that area.

Hell, there may even be some fun stuff like slat and net armor resistant secondary fuzing retrofits for existing and new weapons.

On the other side... Holy cow could this level up as well as dramatically change ERA nxra and etc!

Let's take for example how you can't put existing era on vehicles that have too thin of skin. Now let's look at something like the MIT bulletproof printed abs plastic breakthrough.

Along with the TU delft and others 3d printed meta objects things like door handles with no moving parts etc because the latch is internal.

So you could potentially be looking at by stepping up materials and using exotic geometries impossible to pull off with conventional manufacturing era cartridges etc that are their own backer, much lighter, much smaller, and so on with exotic and better optimized fuzing.

(There's some one way strength and etc "hacks" that would be very capable of doing these things)


From: gatnerd


On the subject of 3D printed munitions, heres a 3D printed drone grenade. Internal body is HE with slam fire blasting cap, then a layer of BB's held in place by outer sleeve. 

Assuming a quality HE is used (salvaged from old land mines or scraped out of a few 155's) these should be as good or better then drone dropped grenades. 


From: Farmplinker


Caseless ammo at last? At least for ACs, maybe?


From: roguetechie


For AC's maybe I suppose though I'm not a huge fan of caseless for various reasons.

I think I'd rather see various neckless hybrid polycase etc and depending on the weapon the led laser primers developed for it was either 30x173 or x113 where necessary.

This could feed well into replacing the abominable m230L which makes RCWS more expensive than they need to be.