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Revolver machine gun from late 1930s   Aircraft Guns

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From: ZailC


If I remember correctly Oerlikon had to tailor the cartridge case and crimping of the KBB round to withstand the "rock crusher" forces of chambering the round at high rates of fire. Some of that knowhow went into design of the 35mm case and crimp.


From: schnuersi


TonyDiG said:

At that speed, it would be impossible to start and stop 1,000 times a minute.

That is not true.
Its absolutely possible to start and stop a mechanism 17 times per second. Or even more often.

TonyDiG said:

You can see this wider section in this illustration which shows the firing sequence.

This illustration strongly suggests that the mechanism is stopped and there are four steps that are taken when the chamber is stopped in the right position. Nowhere does it say its a continous movement.

The Mauser BK27 for example does stop. The gas piston moves the revolver one fifth of a full turn with each stroke. Moving it one position with each shot. It does that 28 times per second.

Just looked the description of the KDG up. It says the gas piston moves the revolver 90° each stroke. So it does stop. Each shot it moves 90°.
Even though the dwell time is short its more than enough for the cartidge to fire and leave the revolver.