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UK Chally 3 proceeding:    General Army topics

Started 15-Feb by autogun; 265 views.

From: autogun


The UK’s Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the Challenger 3 main battle tank program is set to advance to the prototype stage with its Critical Design Review completed ahead of schedule. DE&S’ Land Equipment Operating Centre, Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) and the British Army have been working toward the next phase of the Challenger 3’s development since March 2022, when the design passed its Initial Design Review. The program is set to deliver the newly upgraded main battle tanks from 2027. 

Challenger 3 represents a major upgrade of the British Army’s main battle tanks bringing an upgraded engine and new hydrogas suspension, improved fire-power and protection systems. A contract worth £800 million was awarded to RBSL to deliver 148 Challenger 3 tanks, this will extend the Challenger’s service life out to 2040. The overhaul includes a new 120mm smoothbore gun with a new suite of sights providing tank commanders with enhanced day and night targeting abilities and new modular armour, as well as a planned but not yet contracted active protection system.

Let's hope this project manages to escape the disasters which have plagued UK AFV developments for decades. rage


From: roguetechie


A of our western afv design complexes could stand to catch a break, 

It's not just uk having a hard time so don't feel too bad lol.

Also hopefully we're all learning from Ukraine.


From: graylion


Lybx seems to be OK, but then there was no government input.