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Australia shifts from Armor to Missiles    General Military Discussion

Started 25-Apr by gatnerd; 1168 views.
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Nice video overview on Australia:

Why Australia is Gladly Preparing for War

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Not a complete abandonment of Armor for Australia, but a reduced order of IFV's from 450 to 129.

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Australia to manufacture missiles for domestic use, export missiles to the US, and possibly become a missile export hub for the region:

The joint missile manufacturing effort is being driven by the war in Ukraine, which has highlighted a troubling lack of ammunition stocks in Western nations including the US.

“This is really important for the industrial base of both of our countries,” Defence Minister Richard Marles said on Friday after meeting with US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin in Brisbane.

“It is hugely significant in terms of developing Australia’s defence industry. It will be very important in ensuring Australia has the necessary war stocks in the future.”

Marles said the announcement would significantly bring forward the planned opening of local missile factories, which had been expected to take several years to get off the ground.

As well as creating local jobs, a domestic missile manufacturing industry will make Australia less reliant on imports and provide a trusted additional source of munitions for the US.