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US Army wants armed drones for small units    General Military Discussion

Started 4-Jun by gatnerd; 483 views.

From: gatnerd


We had talked about this potential in a few different threads, but figured a new thread was warranted.

Currently it seems like they are focussing on the M67 Hand Grenade as the armament, but may look for a different munition in the future.

What is unclear is whether the drone would be at the squad vs platoon level, and this was a subject of some debate here as to what makes more sense.

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From: gatnerd


From reading the solicitation, it seems rather that 2 programs are happening.

1. M67 grenade dropping drone

2. Solicitation for a alternate munition thats more effective then m67


From: stancrist


gatnerd said:

What is unclear is whether the drone would be at the squad vs platoon level...

More likely at platoon than squad, judging by these comments about the Short Range Reconnaissance drone:

"...the Skydio RQ-28A...provides a rapidly deployable security and reconnaissance capability to the platoon."

"The SRR RQ-28A capability will provide game-changing technology to Army platoons..."

New short range reconnaissance capability begins fielding to Soldiers | Article | The United States Army

"The Skydio RQ-28A is...a new and disruptive organic capability that is fielded to the platoon..."

75th Ranger Regiment Receives Short Range Reconnaissance System | Article | The United States Army


From: farmplinker2


HEPD warhead from a 40x53?


From: gatnerd


farmplinker2 said:

HEPD warhead from a 40x53

Possible? It seems like they want something more lethal than the M67, which is quite a bit more bang then the 40mm. 

However as we've seen from Ukraine, the HEDP feature is quite valuable for attacking vehicles.

Perhaps a modification of one of the larger DPICM cluster bomb submunitions, to give it more frag + more armor pen than the 40x53?

For all of these munitions, the issue that jumps out is a safe fusing system. The DIY method used in Syria and Ukraine would never pass any military safety requirement, as it's just a slam fire system that could detonate if dropped. 

Yet a quadcopter drop doesn't really match traditional high acceleration arming we normally use. 

Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


Irony as a grenade dropping consumer grade quadcopter drone is an improvisation by technologically limited military actors. Although I am certain when they are done Autel or whoever will be making these drones will have a drone with sophisticated thermal optics, EW-resistant coms, AI target finding and recognition and ballistic calculator with lidar wind measurements for dropping hand grenades with extreme precision for maybe 50k$

Switchblade 300 is  dead , long live DIJ-Autel grenade droper

Although the program is now literally limited to Ukraine-style stuff by utilizing only Blue 2.0 vetted existing drones instead of purpose-built one.

Many drones on this list don't even cut it for Ukraine, Blue suas 2.0 its basically a 'safe' drone without Chinese electronics and/or software its interesting Autel and Parrot have no drones on the list

I think they are quite aware of DIY bomblet safety issues hence inital handgrenade requrement