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Exploring The Design Space   Ammunition <20mm

Started 25/7/15 by NathanielF; 190369 views.

From: Red7272


Mr. T (MrT4) said:

Valve body is likely way more complex than bulllets , but 5seconds would be  long for a bullet ,modern CNC lathe turned .30 bullet is made in cca 7 seconds , Beside speed issues swiss type lathe needs fairly calibrated barstock that is being feed so material alone is way more expensive than the weight of the material used would sugest  

Lathes are not the idea. Chop rod to the right weight billet, Press it into the correct shape and then run it between rollers for the final dimensions. The rollers are adjustable so accuracy should be a lot better than conventional bullet dies. Depending on how accurate the press dies are will dictate the finish of the ends, which will be the biggest issue for making projectiles that way.


From: ramosausust


Modeling ammo for assault rifles and carbines is cool, you could try your hobby and get a job at smith&wesson or Wolf Performance Ammunition. I do modeling too, but only apartment design, and I sometimes have problems with heating as models of different radiators are scarce, and have to make models myself. I take models from as their design is modern and practical.

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