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True Velocity polymer case ammo   Ammunition <20mm

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From: TwoZero


"Quintus O:  ... And, likewise, I think TV's ammunition is the betting horse here, at least from a technology standpoint. Textron seems to have had the most favor politically from the outset. "

Textron does seem to be rather good at playing "The Game"...

The Textron/AAI/UIC, whatever they feel like calling themselves this time around has been involved in US smallarms development since Project salvo and SPIW programs in the 1960's. In fact one would be hard pressed to find a US small arms program they were not a part of on some level. As AAi they took part in the Future Rifle program begun in 69'. In 86 they were naturally part of the ACR program. At LSAT startup in 2004 they were there. And now as Textron for the NGSW.

Hundreds of millions have been poured into these programs over the years. With no doubt a few tens of millions going Textron/AAI/UIC's way. But they are playing the game, not making the rules. In all the various small arms programs not a single rifle designed by anyone has taken the field.

Mostly, I attribute that to two things:

1:  The military never really having a clear plan about what they actually want. (sometimes asking for conflicting requirements)

2:  And the industry/institutional investment in the 5.56/AR15 platform. Lots of politics...

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From: QuintusO


Don't forget that ARES is also a subcontractor for Textron, and they had Eugene Stoner working on CT in the 1980s.

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From: gatnerd


GARLAND, TX (October 26, 2020) – Australia-based NIOA, a company specializing in the supply and sustainment of weapons and munition systems to the Australian Defense Force (ADF), has invited Texas-based True Velocity to the next stage in the LAND 159 Lethality Systems Project procurement process. The LAND 159 project will equip the men and women of the ADF with next-generation pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, direct fire support weapons, and ammunition. True Velocity, which manufactures composite cased ammunition for military, law enforcement and civilian use, will specifically participate in the narrowed search for next generation ammunition solutions.


From: Farmplinker


May our Australian friends benefit from production overruns if this gets adopted!