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This is intended for people interested in the subject of military guns and their ammunition, with emphasis on automatic weapons, particularly in larger calibres (12.7+mm).

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US 30 to 50 mm developments   Ammunition 20-57mm

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From: taschoene


Stryker has never had a 25mm Chain Gun.  


From: Farmplinker


I forgot they didn't adopt that version. D'oh!

Moose (Beomoose)

From: Moose (Beomoose)

17-Jul on the Advanced Lethality and Accuracy System for Medium Caliber (ALAS-MC) , which includes the XM913 50mm cannon .

"Key features of the system include a high explosive airburst munition for optimized effects against personnel targets, behind walls and in the open; an armor piercing munition for optimized effects against materiel targets; integrated fire control enhancements; graphical user interface and enhanced laser rangefinder. Integrated into the design are the 50mm auto cannon, known as the XM913, capable of firing both XM1204 High Explosive Airburst with Trace (HEAB-T), and XM1203 Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot with Trace (APFSDS-T) munitions. The HEAB-T and APFSDS-T cartridges were designed and developed by Picatinny engineers and manufactured by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems."

Noteworthy to me is they already have an ALAS-MC turret design, seen at the top of the article, and GDLS is building a surrogate vehicle with the turret for testing. Doesn't mention if it includes the super high elevation shown in the Griffin III concept vehicle by GD, however.


From: autogun



Now we have the official designations for the rounds of ammo, it would be helpful to know more about them: projectile weights (APFSDS with/without sabot, HE shell + contents, muzzle velocities).

If this one actually makes it into service it will be a game changer, in a different class from other MICV armament (except for the Russian 57 mm S-60, but that ammunition is huge and heavy).


From: Red7272


Both the 57 mm AGL and the A220 will have the same ability. As a concept it is now mature enough to be practical. Hard to see how the round itself will be very large if it is the same case head and OAL as the 35 mm. Performance won't be much better than the 40 mm CT with all the disadvantages of being a chaingun. Even allowing for the larger bore, MV with a 1.25 kg shell will be  900ish MPS