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NGSW Phase 2 Consolidation and info   Small Arms <20mm

Started 30/8/19 by gatnerd; 523106 views.

From: JPeelen


As a matter of fact, the German 30 mm HE rifle grenade of WW2 in the beginning could be used as a hand thrown grenade.

This feature was later dropped, possibly to simplify manufacture. I am not familiar with reports on the use.  


From: roguetechie


You almost stumbled upon an idea I've been kicking around...

What if you have a potato masher/fn bullet thru style "rifle grenade" (only maybe a bit bigger) that has a single folded coaxial rotor which deploys the motor using a simple air speed sensor that kicks the rotor open as soon as it stops accelerating/gaining altitude from either being thrown or being launched.

By using a single coaxial rotor like that and not needing the full power to take off or start from a dead stop you could use a much smaller motor to charge size ratio giving you more flight time/range.

It could actually make for a decent little weapon


From: Apsyda


Apsyda said:

Both GAO protests were withdrawn by TV via Lone Star. As expected they didn't go anywhere in the end.

I suppose that means that SIG really did at least fit the standards asked for by the Army, if not definitely being the best rifle. Shame the protests didn't go further on the off chance some interesting trials info could have been released.


From: Gr1ff1th


Well, time to commence the 3+ decade wait until we can FOIA the trial results to find out what really happened to the Textron entry, just like ACR before this


From: BruhMomento


RAROG's plastic machine gun belts. useful for the future?


From: stancrist


Ukraine's Plastic Machine Gun Belts -The Firearm Blog

Looks very useful for 7.62x54R, but it is a different link design than used with 7.62x51 and 6.8x51.


From: RovingPedant


Pull-out rather than push-through does make more sense for plastic link. I’ve seen plastic M13 link but apparently it’s not as robust as the metal. Not really a surprise.


From: stancrist


The US Army's new Belt fed Machine gun. The M250 is replacing the M249

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From: gatnerd


If your M14 flashbacks werent already in effect, I present: SIG working to develop a stamped steel magazine for the NGSW.

In the comments, Eric of SSD mentions that the 6.8 projectiles are being harsh on the Lancer mags, which may be a reason for this. Although how they would be worse than M855A1, or how relatively soft steel would be much better against Hardened steel / Tunsgten, is an open question.

A loaded M14 mag was 1.5-1.62lbs depending on source...