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NGSW Phase 2 Consolidation and info   Small Arms <20mm

Started 30/8/19 by gatnerd; 646059 views.

From: gatnerd


17thfabn said:

Better to have troops use it in training and see what problems there are than issue it to troops in the middle of a war. Seems like the U.S. did that in the 1960s

Quite true, it would be good to find out the kinks now rather than waiting for paratroopers defending Taiwan to discover them. 


From: stancrist


stancrist said:

Interestingly, the Ranger School instructor with XM5 does not appear to have any 6.8 mags or mag pouches.

The second Ranger is so out of focus, I didn't notice before that he not only has no ammo belt containers for his XM250, but the weapon also curiously lacks an XM157 FCS...


From: gatnerd


Good catch. I think it being a promo photo is the likely explanation then.


From: nincomp


Your comment reminded me of a statement made by one of the soldiers from the battle of Mogadishu.  The rescue convoy did not provide enough vehicles to carry all of them out, so some soldiers who were out of ammo had to run behind the vehicles while trying to look fierce and indestructible.  It sounds a little fishy to me (no ammo), but makes a great story.


From: roguetechie


I haven't heard the no ammo part but "the Mogadishu mile" itself definitely happened.

From my understanding the convoy of vehicles that actually came out to bring the guys back came out extremely heavy though and was more than willing to apply liberal amounts of fire to protect the unwounded guys who had to run with the convoy to get out of the shit show.


From: Apsyda


NOT NGSW, but probably related nonetheless. FN releases to market a new .264USA rifle and machine gun package.

Uses a bimetallic casing, like SIG. Designed to be suppressed most of the time. Otherwise is a fairly conventional Tri-Lug Long Stroke Gas Piston rifle. In the vein of the Robinson XCR.  7-9lbs, claimed 20% ammo weight savings vs an equivalent conventional brass cartridge.

The original request was put out back in 2018, this TFB article covers it as the original page seems to have went down.

Interesting stuff, I suppose.


From: stancrist


Shots Fired 277 Fury & 6.8 x 51

Deals and other cool finds"This video is for educational and entertainment purposes only. All guns displayed off the range...


From: stancrist


Interesting, but unfortunately not the military GP or AP bullet.  Not sure which bullet was used. 

The video shows close-ups of 135gr FMJ, but the narrator says, "...identical to Sierra MatchKing."