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NGSW Phase 2 Consolidation and info   Small Arms <20mm

Started 30/8/19 by gatnerd; 68535 views.

From: stancrist


gatnerd said:

Federal has recently received a contract for the 'Next Generation Carbine Technologies  Program" - something I had never heard of before. This is either part of NGSW, or some sort of parallel program.

The only info I could find on NGCT is page 6 of


From: QuintusO


This is probably related to the LWC SAA program, and my guess is that's the stainless steel/aluminum composite design by GDOTS Canada, tech transferred to Federal. I have no evidence for this, but the Army was very interested in this design three or four years ago and it's likely they see it as a "backup" to some of the more ambitious NGSW designs. GDOTS Canada being Canadian, and GDOTS being a competitor in NGSW, it might make some sense if this were tech transferred to Federal. But I really don't know, it could be Shell Shock, or something else.

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From: gatnerd


August 4, 2020 GARLAND, TX – True Velocity officials confirmed recently that the Texas-based technology company delivered more than 170,000 rounds of its 6.8mm TVCM lightweight ammunition to the U.S. Army in May as part of the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) program.

“As a team, True Velocity is excited and proud to have delivered this significant order of next-generation ammunition to the Army in-full and on-time,” said True Velocity President Chris Tedford. “Our 6.8 TVCM composite-cased cartridge is capable of unprecedented ballistic performance, while simultaneously exceeding the Army’s expectations in terms of weight reduction.”

“True Velocity’s ammunition – and particularly our 6.8 TVCM cartridge – are changing the paradigm,” Tedford said. “It turns out you don’t have to operate at unsafe chamber pressures in order to generate increased velocity, enhanced terminal performance and improved accuracy. Our cartridge achieves all of these things, while maintaining safe operating pressures and drastically reducing the overall cartridge weight.”

--> This seems to further confirm our guess that the TV case is not a high pressure loading.


From: stancrist


gatnerd said:

This seems to further confirm our guess that the TV case is not a high pressure loading.

???  I don't see where the PR statement divulges what the pressure is.


From: Farmplinker


The safety of firing depends on ammunition and weapon. I suspect if you rebarrel, say a 93 Mauser in 6.8 Bleedmoor, unsafe things will happen.