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minimum vehicle size por Russian AU-220M   General Military Discussion

Started 14-Jun by poliorcetes; 2471 views.

From: Red7272


poliorcetes said:

I wonder how such 82mm pieces could compete with automated, external 120mm systems such as alakran

This chassis is the replacement for the BMD-1 with this mortar being one of the options and the low end of the VDVs mechanised fire support. There is also a 20 tonne 120 mortar carrier based on a lengthened BMD-4 chassis. I don't think the VDV expect their operational area to be safe enough for a system like the Alakran.

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Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


They played with 120 mm mortar on Tigr , but i think it never got any traction ,its was sort of like the Wiesel 2 mortar 

They were likely unimpressed by the rate of fire such layout can produce. ,note the full baseplate and the lafete carried on the back as the mortar could be detached and used conventionally

Reloading is done under armor trough an armored loading port.


From: poliorcetes


AFAIK alakran is mainly designed for COIN / PEACE operations. The logistic footprint of such a system is very desiderable in order to carry a 120mm support fire to everywhere from minute 1.

I would assume in conventional terms that alakran is not ready for a high intensity conflict against a well-armed, conventional foe. But I also think that, in this decade, almost no mortar system is going to be prepared for that, giving how the near-future menaces are rising (cheap and en masse loitering ammo)


From: Red7272


Mr. T (MrT4) said:

They mounted a 120mm mortar which is likely as heavy or heavier,

The 120 mm mortar turret is about 1.9 tonnes.

this is the new 120 mortar for the VDV