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17 mm Filloux   Small Arms <20mm

Started 7-Aug by Barnowlgreen; 240 views.

From: Barnowlgreen



Something i had not seen before, the 17 mm Filloux- 

Fireing a 17×209 mm cartridge at a muzzle velocity of 1000 m/s.  It seems an odd calibre to choose. Here is some more info I found-

"The original project, presented during December 1916, was a 13mm anti-tank rifle, long of 1,30m, who could fire 35 grammes bullets (designed by APX) at 950 m/s. The project was not accepted, as it was not urgent, and no prototype were made, but Filloux continued to study the concept. He created a larger weapon, as the 13mm might not be sufficient forever: A 17mm anti-tank gun, who could be put on the mount of the 37mm TR light trench cannon (it even used the same breech).

The 17mm Filloux fired a 100g 17x209mm APX bullet, at the extremely high speed of 1000 m/s. the bullet kept it's speed well, being still able of 750 m/s after a kilometer crossed. It appear that the construction of prototypes was accepted during 1918, with at least two cannons ready by early November 1918. The weapons was intensively tried against several competitors during 1918-1919, and was able to pierce the A7V at 200m without a single issue. However, during the initial trials, the 17mm Filloux was considered as very inaccurate. This was a consequence of the too powerful powder used by the APX bullet. After it was switched to less powerful ones, the 17mm Filloux was proved accurate at up to 800m, and still able to penetrate the front of a A7V, the most armored tank that saw service during WW1.

The light anti-tank gun was considered as ready during 1919, but the end of the war and the effectiveness of the 75mm mle 1897 field gun reduced the need for a light anti-tank weapon, and no 17mm Filloux were ordered, the production being reduced to a few prototypes."


From: Farmplinker


All I know is, one would be fun to have!