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LMAO Germany adopts an AR-15   Small Arms <20mm

Started 14/9/20 by QuintusO; 39595 views.

From: poliorcetes


But just pay attention to that basic disassembly that I posted. Dude, less than 20 operations, change receiver, assembly again


From: stancrist


Dude, the exploded diagram you posted only shows the various components.  It tells me nothing about what tools might be needed, or what procedures must be followed to separate them.

For instance, what is involved in barrel removal and installation?  Does it require special tools?  Does it need to be headspaced?  If so, do those tasks need to be done by an armorer?

And I'm puzzled why you even asked me the question, since my statement was only about pulling guns back to the depot.  I did not express any opinion on the ease or difficulty of performing an upgrade.


From: roguetechie


You can download the full armorer manual set for it here.

It's only medium involved.


From: marandreas


taschoene said:

Yeah, you get a feel for this given the full "optional" scope of the retrofit includes a new barrel, fore-end, mag well, etc.  When you get to the point that all you're keeping of the original gun is the stock and trigger group, you're better off starting from scratch. 

Hmm, one advantage traditional rifles have over bullpups is that they can be fitted with visor-compatible stocks / "gas mask stocks."

There's a neat one with a removable cheek piece for the G36, specifially - if you're already upgrading the rifles, you might as well get some of those, right?

And since this is a Steyr upgrade, I think they should at least offer an option for an AUG-style trigger guard and pull-through trigger.

Just a matter of corporate design, you know?

I don't suppose there's an aftermarket bolt assembly for the G36?

With a bit more effort we might be able to replace literally every part, while still billing it as a refit smile


From: Farmplinker


"We rebuilt the rifles to just as good as new".


From: renatohm


Seems that HK is one step closer to be declared the winner.

Can you elaborate on how procurement works in Germany?


From: JPeelen


In my opinion procurement does not work at all in Germany.

Its a paralyzing mixture of bureaucracy as an end in itself and carreerist generals without anything resembling balls.    

In the case of the assault rifle, the patent question so thoroughly discussed on this and other forums was not of any importance in the  decision by the court of Bundeskartellamt. Reason: the contract pricing had to be recalculated. To everyones surprise, Haenel now came out more expensive than Heckler & Koch. How that new price came about, is not explained. Being not the lowest bidder, Haenel is out of the race and Heckler & Koch has won, unless the next higher court (Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf) does come to another decision.  


From: renatohm


Just like Brazil - too much bureaucracy, too little transparency.

That's awful.


From: poliorcetes


I don't know. They (central European people) have an entirelly different story of relation and image of the State and the Administration. What they call lack of transparency is not what we call lack of transparency at the Southern tip of Europe. For instance, if some official is discovered with a PhD dissertation plaguiarized, he resigns immediatly because it's the right thing to do. Our politicians tend to think that resign is a ununderstandable foreign word and of course, resign is out of question.

Another difference would be related with the importance of family / long term friendship networks. Outside of such a network, in all Iberoamerica you are going to experience almost unsurmountable barriers. Here we are in the middle between Central and Northern Europe and our brothers at the other side of the lake.

It's a very difficult problem. We all are westerners and share a core of common values, for sure. Ours is a bicontinental civilization (add Australia/NZ if you want). But inside our great cultural sphere there are quite deep differences. Indeed, a huge set of "false friends", because we use the same terms for designating not so equal realities. Maybe it's partly a language problem too, because I can understand well Brasilero (Brazilian Portuguese) and surely you understand either my Spanish or any other Hispanoamerican Spanish even better, but it's not natural for other people north of Pyrenees to understand our languages just by hearing and vice versa.