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This is intended for people interested in the subject of military guns and their ammunition, with emphasis on automatic weapons.

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Marines JLTV RWS: 30mm + 7.62 + Stinger   Army Guns 20+mm

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autogun said:

The army basically wants manual loading as that's simple, compact and reliable (and much cheaper). It also makes separate loading of the projectile and however much propellant you need easier. The navy wants an automated system with fixed ammo using a metal cartridge case (which protects the propellant from fire). Difficult to square that.

It's a valid point. I referenced this in my original post, basically I'm okay with separate ammunition and a manned turret, even if it's not what the navy would prefer. I understand it's a compromise, but I don't see any functional showstoppers.  The main gun simply isn't used that much on a warship.

The entirety of the ammunition + propellant is contained within the vehicle, isolated from the ship, and is armored against small arms / splinter protection and fragments so it is unlikely to cause an issue unless it receives a direct hit by something big enough to be a problem for the ship, in which case they'd be SOL anyway.  A fire (accidental or otherwise) would be hazardous, and detonation of the ammunition would be catastrophic, but those hazards can be mitigated by thoughtful design -- the bulk of your propellant can be stored in the turret with blowout panels, while the ammunition is in the hull.  In case of fire, a deluge system floods the ammunition compartment in the lower hull to reduce chance of detonation while the propellant deflagrates in the turret above, popping the blowout panels to self vent into the open air.

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If we can do a naval Brutus I'm in, where do I sign?