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Danish Armed Forces Chose New Sniper Rifle   General Military Discussion

Started 28-Sep by poliorcetes; 419 views.

From: gatnerd


Hard to say.

The main benefit I see for the Colt MRR is that it has a monolithic upper receiver, which may make for a more rigid firing platform, less likely to experience zero shift when fired from a bipod.

It could also be something as simple as Denmark uses CC M4's for their service rifle, so keeping CC for their DMR could simply logistics / spare parts, as all their rifle needs can be handled by the same company. 


From: BTP9ut


After a few years in service--especially Special Forces service--it's not atypical for rifles to approach 20k to 30k round counts and despite the best maintenance, certain components wear-out and must be replaced. On the highest quality rifles, for example, it's usually the muzzle end of the barrel, and that means accuracy (and muzzle velocity) will suffer. Other wear items are the barrel throat, gas block, and carrier (on a gas-piston like the HK417). At this point, a decision must be made whether it's better (less expensive) to replace the barrels or simply replace with brand-new rifles. HK rifles and parts are notorious for being expensive (and proprietary). I imagine the Colt MRR, being an existing, well-proven platform won on price. Plus, the claimed precision (0.66 MOA--which I assume is CEP, NOT 5-SHOT GROUPS!) of the Colt MRR is extraordinary and probably better than the gas-piston HK417, and precision is an important attribute for a DMR platform.