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Ammo Inc HAPI - Hard Amor Piercing Incendiary - Level IV   Small Arms <20mm

Started 3-Oct by gatnerd; 735 views.
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Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


Suddenly anything less than 300NM or .338LM seem like obsolete for sniping over 600+m

Against unarmored, this still goes


From: Mustrakrakis


gatnerd said:

Normally I take ammo manufacturer claims with a hefty does of skepticism. 

Especially when they're shooting plates from a company that has arguably the worst reputation in the industry, at least in terms of products performing as advertised.

gatnerd said:

On the other hand, while ammo manufacturers have been fleecing civilian shooters for generations, lying about military specs seems pointless.

The likely target audience was in the name of the PDF.

gatnerd said:

So, perhaps they've developed some Incendiary mixture that attacks ceramics? 

Did that "level 4" plate that they allegedly used the .308 HAPI on look like ceramic to you?


From: gatnerd


Well, there is white dust in the impact crater, which we typically see from ceramic strike faces.

Looking back in the photos I took at SHOT 2020 last year, I have this photo from their booth. They are displaying a Paraclete Level IV ceramic that they claim to have penetrated at 300yd with their round.


From: QuintusO


Keep in mind not all tungsten ammo is created equal. M995 can penetrate L4 at very close range. I don't know if that Chinese armor was created fora higher threat level than L4 but I also wouldn't freak out just yet.