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Orbiter 1K hybrid Drone/Munition    General Military Discussion

Started 5-Oct by gatnerd; 716 views.

From: Red7272


gatnerd said:

The IED turned traditional mechanized infantry on its head, forcing the use of either foot patrols, or fielding of completely new vehicle designs purpose built to resist them. 

No using them as the police turned mechanised infantry on their head, same as happened in Ireland 50 years ago where they largely gave up using roads. The first design response to widespread use of  mines was South Africa. That is where the fire mine protected vehicles came from. 

gatnerd said:

The reason being that the US/NATO maintains superior Fighter, Bomber, and Surveillance, which they use to destroy an enemies air assets prior to any ground launched invasion. 

Attacking third world countries sure. Peer would be completely different. The lack of AA defence in NATO is mostly laziness and cost cutting. 

gatnerd said:

Worse still, Orbiter is very hard to detect with the naked eye, and has a low radar and IR signature. 

It's been recognised that it would become a threat for a very long time, but no one but China and the Russians have developed counters that were more than prototypes. New sensors and the ability to deal with the munitions as much as the drones themselves appears to be the solution being sought.

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Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


I think peer war these things would be much less effective, as EW and anti air defenses could make some of the drone operations much harder to conduct effectively ( at least until some sort of low cost AI is flying and targeting for them ,without remote control) . and  lets be honest SAM and SPAAG have since WW2  done gunnery practice on small drones so these targets are something that should be easy enough to defeat. The issue is more that western forces lack organic air-defenses due to being used to vast air supperiority.

*of course target drones have IR flares and radar reflectors to make for a juicy target, but target size , speed and altitude is comparable to 'attack drones'

Features like automated optical scanning will need to be adapted to SPAAG and SAM systems and active softkill(smokescrees systems on armor tuned for work agains drone threats as well) 

Hanwha's EOTS is fitted with three sensors: A infra red camera, a TV camera and a laser range finder. During testing, the EOTS demonstrated the tracking of a small UAV target (2.5 meters x 2.0 meters) moving at a speed of 200 Km/h at a distance of 5 Km. Detection range is even larger.


From: roguetechie


I have to agree here.

The azeri Armenia situation is pretty clearly showing that even in the hands of people who have access through turkey to all of the requisite ewar and etc support infrastructure to properly support a drone blitz, they are far from an automatic I win button like some people both in and out of government believe they are.