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Dagny Dagger   Ammunition <20mm

Started 10/10/20 by autogun; 1389 views.

From: roguetechie


Yes they are APHP rounds loosely based around the same concepts and construction of some Russian AP pistol ammo.

I'm actually in line for a preproduction box so I'll keep you guys posted if and when I get mine.


From: Mustrakrakis


poliorcetes said:

I just cannot identify any meaningful justification of putting AP rounds in civilian private hands

Why should a meaningful justification be required?

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From: gatnerd


I'm a fan of exotic AP pistol ammunition.

My main objection to the Dagny is that its deliberately provocative - designed to grab attention - and will likely result in new legislation being crafted that expands the definition of what constitutes 'AP' - likely resulting in the banning of a number of unrelated but useful projectiles. 

Whereas previous kevlar penetrating, legal bullets were extremely careful not to make any mention of that capability - allowing those in the know to have that ability, without creating any backlash. 


From: roguetechie


Being inoffensive and sub Rosa has done nothing but cost us more and more ground.

Especially because there are manufacturers out there who depend on DOD and Leo contracts as their bread and butter who have been willing to sell us down the river.

I very much agree with what they're doing why and how they're going about it.

At the Crux of this are very stupid very badly written laws and policies that were and are designed as a means of shadow gun control by progressively marching things like environmental regulations and other policies up to the gates and by default creating a situation where it will eventually become cost prohibitive or outright impossible to make ammo for civilians.

In that respect, drawing attention to this is a very good thing.