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XM-25 here we go again...   Army Guns 20+mm

Started 9/11/20 by autogun; 15958 views.

From: Red7272


stancrist said:

What transport do the troops have available to them that they are too stupid to use?

You mean real armies or the US army? The list of NATO members that have not entirely mechanised their infantry is a whole one. 

And yes it was a throwaway insult at the US military hierarchy rather than the troops themselves. 

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From: gatnerd


stancrist said:

IMO, the real question is how effective would a 66mm recoilless rifle be?  For instance, how much would HE casualty radius reduce

I don't really know much about how warhead design changes between rocket propelled grenades and recoilless rifles. 

But the fragmentation warhead for the 66mm LAW looks extremely effective - 4000 tungsten BB's, with a real 15m lethal radius (ie fragments penetrating 12" in ballistic gel at 15m.) 

If the Carl Gustaf 'M66' could replicate that, but with a more accurate launcher and lighter shell (~5.5lb M66 shell vs 10lb LAW) that would seem pretty handy. 


From: stancrist


Red7272 said: was a throwaway insult at the US military hierarchy rather than the troops themselves.

Kindly don't call the troops stupid, if you mean to insult the leadership.


From: DavidPawley


Has the UK withdrawn from NATO then? Canada? Czech Republic? France? The Netherlands?

Or are you making stuff up in order to create your "throwaway insult"?


From: renatohm


66 is 78.6% of 84 - linearly. In terms of volume it's 48.5%.

It doesn't necessarily mean that stuff will be half the weight, but it does mean that available volume for HE fill will be that much smaller, if not more - you can't cut wall thickness below a certain amount.

Take 23 mm vs 30 mm autocannon ammunition as an example. The linear fraction is about 78%, and the volume fraction is 45%, so it's about the same ballpark.

Going by Tony's tables, the heaviest 23 mm shell weighed 204 g while the heaviest 30 mm shell weighed 430 g, which is much closer to 45% than to 78%.


From: gatnerd


Thank you, thats very helpful. 

Do you know, is there any reason to think that a Gustav 66mm warhead would be smaller then 66mm HE warhead on the LAW? 

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From: graylion


It was perfectly clear to me that he was insulting the leadership. This is called sarcasm.


From: Red7272


DavidPawley said:

Or are you making stuff up in order to create your "throwaway insult"?

Well the US and France have the same number of wheeled APCs but one army is 10 times the size of the other. 

UK is another colonial power so doesn't count.

Czech just bought 1200 Toyota hilux so that will be fixed soon (military hardware not much of a priority it seems)

Canada and Netherlands I'm out of date on equipment.

And it was a very casual insult.