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PDW again   Small Arms <20mm

Started 20/12/20 by DavidPawley; 41266 views.

From: gearmrk


0.15 to 0.18 calibers actually.


From: graylion


Good to know, thanks. Not sure how relevant that is for this design due to short range and brute force approach. Also pointy being useful here because armour penetration.


From: larrikin2


The original 5.7 round was supposedly able to penetrate a NATO standard helmet at 80m and be pretty much nothing more than a bruise at 150mm.

The concept was to give the REMFs a weapon with lots of rounds in it that they could spray in relative safety because they weren't going to have to worry about killing their own side with wild fire.

So deadly when the bad guys over ran your rear echelons and got in close, but harmless at quite a short distance if said REMFs panicked and blasted fire all over the place.

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Mr. T (MrT4)

From: Mr. T (MrT4)


So now the 5 and 7'' barrel .300BLK guns are all the rage or what  it seems French are looking for some.

They are looking for 5'' and 7'' barrel options in .300BLK for  Police and Gendarmerie

suppressor ,6 mags , M-lock interface on the forend

300K rounds of supersonic and 600k rounds of subsonic ammo

Modular construction enabling toolless conversion to 5.56mm


From: renatohm


My impression is that the current crop of SBR (in the same caliber as the 'main' rifle), mated with modern ammunitions / suppressors / sights, are good enough for the PDW role.

For police spec ops, a suppressed 300 BLK 5" bbl is probably the most versatile configuration, with good enough accuracy and punch for <50 m, unless bad guys start using body armor en masse.