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Started 15/9/21 by stancrist; 21476 views.

From: schnuersi


JPeelen said:

By the way, carrying the MG42 (as well as the MG34) in the way shown (muzzle forward) was explicitly forbidden. Allegedly, it could result in bent receivers. I was not convinced, but in my Bundeswehr time of course I carried it muzzle rearward when shouldered.

I don't know about bent receivers and i am rather sceptical about that but the manual describes carrying over the shoulder with muzzle backwards. Its also the more natural way to do it. As righ hander you pick the gun up and up it on your left shoulder muzzle backwards. Its a simple motion. After that the gun rests at its center of gravity on your shoulder and the left hand can either steady it at the pistol grip or sling.

JPeelen said:

Edit: On second thought, the picture shown looks very unrealistic. If you carry an MG 42 in the way shown, you have to pull down(!) on the forward part. In the image it looks as if the person supports the forward part. That is not in line with reality.

Yes the center of gravity is where the exjection port is. In front of the pistol grip.

During my service time carrying the MG over the shoulder was heavily discouraged if not forbidden when out of the barracks for training. So we would not be looking like "die Contras auf dem Rückzug" or other more colourfull descriptions.
You either carried ready like a rifle or used the two sling halves like a carrying handle.


From: Farmplinker


".... like a rifle...." so how does an MG3 work at room clearing?;)


From: schnuersi


Farmplinker said:

".... like a rifle...." so how does an MG3 work at room clearing?;)

Pretty good: you hose the wall and the room behind is cleared ;)

In pratice that is not much of an issue since the MG would in most cases not enter the building but be part of the covering group that stays outside. In a particular large building the MG would enter after the initial assault team to provide fire superiourity. Usually along corridors or in halls and staircases.
I have on occation seen the MG being used as sort of a battering ram. With the gunner using it in the assult stance and firing continous bursts onto a room/doorway while advancing towards it. To allow the assault team to get close so they can use grenades and flush the position out.

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From: stancrist


Reminds me of the time when I was sleeping on the ground next to my jeep, and was nearly run over by a passing M42 Duster...

Watch as Russian tank commander takes out FIVE of his own men using turret in blundering footage

THIS is the shocking moment a Russian tank commander wiped out his OWN troops in a manoeuvre blunder.The tank swerved out of control before hitting comrades ...

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From: gatnerd


Fun gun meme I stumbled across

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Wonderful and hilarious vintage gun ad I stumbled across on twitter:

Great guy to follow for cool retro ads / automags: