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Started 15/9/21 by stancrist; 21472 views.

From: schnuersi


Farmplinker said:

".... like a rifle...." so how does an MG3 work at room clearing?;)

Pretty good: you hose the wall and the room behind is cleared ;)

In pratice that is not much of an issue since the MG would in most cases not enter the building but be part of the covering group that stays outside. In a particular large building the MG would enter after the initial assault team to provide fire superiourity. Usually along corridors or in halls and staircases.
I have on occation seen the MG being used as sort of a battering ram. With the gunner using it in the assult stance and firing continous bursts onto a room/doorway while advancing towards it. To allow the assault team to get close so they can use grenades and flush the position out.

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Reminds me of the time when I was sleeping on the ground next to my jeep, and was nearly run over by a passing M42 Duster...

Watch as Russian tank commander takes out FIVE of his own men using turret in blundering footage

THIS is the shocking moment a Russian tank commander wiped out his OWN troops in a manoeuvre blunder.The tank swerved out of control before hitting comrades ...

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Fun gun meme I stumbled across

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Wonderful and hilarious vintage gun ad I stumbled across on twitter:

Great guy to follow for cool retro ads / automags: