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anti material rifle not dead   General Military Discussion

Started 29/9/21 by Mr. T (MrT4); 12671 views.

From: stancrist


Mr. T (MrT4) said:

Iraq and Syria seen bunch of these VBIEDs where the vehicle is seen well in advance and as they started using ever more armored vehicels up to an T55 hull without a turret you end up with need for a guided missile

Very true.  However, now you're talking about a situation wherein the VBIED is being used to attack an enemy's frontline troops in a more or less conventional infantry battle in open terrain.  When you can see and identify the threat at a distance of 1700 meters, a guided missile is the best tool for the job.

However, because of the extremely short distance to the target, a guided missile would be quite useless in the "checkpoint" scenario.  

Mr. T (MrT4) said:

But end of the day preparing for 3rd world insurgency and occupation of a country is not the same as preparing for peer warfare.

Actually, most equipment is the same.  MRAPs may be substituted for IFVs, and some other adjustments made, but the same rifles, machine guns, mortars, artillery, helicopters, etc, will be used, whether counterinsurgency operations or conventional war.

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From: smg762


Could 30mm GAU (A-10) work in an AMR or is it too much... whats the upper limit..25mm?


From: EmericD


smg762 said:

Could 30mm GAU (A-10) work in an AMR or is it too much... whats the upper limit..25mm?

Hum... forget about the 25x137 mm which is using between 90 g (full bore) and 100 g (APDS) of propellant, or nearly twice as much as the 20x139 mm (~55 g) which is already probably outside the realm of a practical AMR.

The 14.5x114 mm (~30 g of powder), 20x102 mm (~36 g) and 30x113 (~50 g) are probably delivering as much blast & energy as you can handle in a (not so) portable weapon.

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From: gatnerd


This popped up on reddit today, pretty nice looking AMR. No word yet on caliber.