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50x228mm XM913 cartridge informations and questions   Ammunition 20-57mm

Started 2/11/21 by Augmentcore; 4241 views.

From: roguetechie


Define normal sabots?

Because other than the old xcelerator sabots and the various revivals of them there hasn't been much saboted ammo commercially available and the cbjtech guy hasn't shared much in the way of results.


From: smg762


I meant their operation method.....xxellerator and CBJ stay in one peice.  This guy has petal sabots which may be a safety hazard


From: nincomp


smg762 said:

The drawback is that the sabot sides separate....sending the peices flying at angles which is bad when prone shooting He even had to cover the chrony with wood in a different protect it Still, its puzzling why his petal sabots should be more accurate than normal sabots

Are you referring back to this thread about sabotted 7.62x39 ammo? -  (Note: This post has has been repeated in that thread)

Yes, discarded sabots flying downrange have always been a problem.  They may still be a danger to current troops wearing full combat protection.   We only have the word of the fellow in the video that he has managed to come up with a much more accurate design.  His loaded ammo looks pretty much like the typical 7.62-to-5.56 sabot load, since the most widely available sabots have "petals" that extend beyond the case.  E. Arthur Brown Company (EABCO) has been selling this sabot, for example, for over 20 years:

Sweden once had a saboted sniper round that was sufficiently accurate for them.   IIRC, it was made by Winchester with a 4.81mm tungsten penetrator. 

7,62 mm Sk Ptr 10 PRICK

The only reason why discarded sabots are not considered a major issue with tanks is that in general, it is a very bad idea to be in front of a tank gun anyway.  

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From: Gr1ff1th


That is a monster vehicle


From: gatnerd


Gr1ff1th said:

That is a monster vehicle

Eh, for the US side yes.

The Russians though have built some really beastly (and cool looking) vehicles.

The BMPT-72 'Terminator' is basically out of the Terminator franchise; dual 30mm cannons + 4x missiles + reportedly 2x 30mm AGL's....

And then the T15 Armata with 57mm cannon looks like a land battleship, the 57mm shell is supposedly ~2x the weight of the 50mm.