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Future of Firearms...    General Military Discussion

Started 22-Nov by manimal87; 2779 views.

From: roguetechie


Extremely clever geometry combined with a spring powered lifter in the magazine follower. This technology has sorta proven itself in the longziz 2 universal AR mags which did work.

I think there could be an easier and better way to do it though. It will be at least a year before I can possibly be in a position to test the 3 ideas I have on even just a proof of principle nonfiring test object, but it's on the list of things to mess with.

I'm not so much endorsing the Caleb Crye design itself as I am endorsing the idea that maybe we can do something unconventional that wasn't necessarily possible/realistically manufacturable in any quantity until recently. I think that sort of thinking itself has potential to give us things that were impossible previously.


From: Farmplinker


They're building new 3D printers everyday, Rogue. Heck, fiddle with the TDP, and the company I work for could 3D print casting cores and molds if you wanted to investment cast components!


From: roguetechie


Oh sure, but it really depends on internal geometry stuff we don't know about the evolys.

And as I've laid out in my case, I think it's unwise to give FN the benefit of the doubt all things considered.

I think to a degree we need to figure out what exactly we need before we can start closing in on an ideal solution too.

I have some personal thoughts on what we actually need, but other people will inevitably think differently.