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.30 Super / 8mm Super pistol cartridge   Ammunition <20mm

Started 5/1/22 by gatnerd; 7319 views.

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They have scaled it up, I believe it’s the LC9. It’s substantially thicker abd heavier relative to the LCP

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After a period of radio silence, we're seeing more .30SC content.

The most interesting part of the video for me is how we might see a .30SC PDW/SMG. 

Ian here shows a 30rd mag for 7.65 French (basically a lower pressure 30sc) and how it compares in length to a 30rd 9mm mag:

This shows the potential for a more compact 30rd mag, but more interesting that a 30rd 9mm mag would likely hold 36-37 .30SC; a 40rd mag would likely be only slightly longer, probably around the length of a 33rd Glock mag. 

He also demonstrates the B&T USW 320 with a 21rd 9mm mag, estimating that it would hold 25-26 in the same length.

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And from todays TFB we have a review of the new Shield Plus in 30SC. Not a military pistol by any means, but it demonstrates that S&W was able to add +3 .30 SC to the gun, turning a 10+1 pistol into a 13+1, and a 13+1 into a 16+1

16+1 configuration:

So its very likely we'd see a standard G17 17rd mag hold 20-21rds of .30SC.